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Disrespectfully yours – An identity crisis

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The books I read in 2022 – and didn’t write about

A 3-in-1 review of Mad Honey, Unsettled Ground and Klara and the Sun – books I read last year but was too lazy to write about.

The Venn Diagram of Mental Health

Guest Writer Scarlett Parr-Reid and I discussed the intersectionality of mental health symptoms and the importance of differentiating between these symptoms.

In Conversation: Olle Bergman

In the final interview of this series, I sat down with freelance science writer and my long time mentor, Olle Bergman, and we talked about science writing, his book projects, how to never be boring and everything in between, and science art, of course.

In Conversation: Divya Anantharaman

In the fourth and penultimate part of this series, I spoke to premier taxidermist Divya Anantharaman about what inspired her to pursue taxidermy and everything about the art and science of taxidermy.

In Conversation: Anusha Banerjee

Anusha, a very passionate geologist, tells me everything about e(art)h science, what inspires her and the art behind geology, in part three of In Conversation.

In Conversation: Sneha Bharadwaj

In the second part of this series, read about Sneha Bharadwaj’s passion, Bharatnatyam dance, the highs and lows of it, and if science and dance can be combined for the benefit of science communication.

In Conversation: Haseeb Ahmed

Learn about Haseeb’s scientific interests, physics, photography and the physics behind photography in the first installment of this series.

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