About Me

I am a postgraduate student at Imperial College London, studying Science Communication and a writer-editor-blogger on various platforms. I serve as the chief executive officer at the Journal of Young Investigators and as the social media manager of Imperial College’s science magazine, I,Science. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology from Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany.

I love science and I love writing, and I try to being these two fields closer through my work. I believe that art and science are not as different as usually perceived and I strive to find examples of this amalgamation in our daily lives. Additionally, I quite enjoy digital media marketing – planning, running, and analysing social media ad campaigns.

When I’m not writing,studying or working, I’m either reading coming-of-age fiction novels, rambling about Pop Culture, or watching period dramas on Netflix. I also enjoy travelling with my family, bullet journalling, and learning everything I possibly can about penguins.

Not that this bio needs it, but when it comes to daily motivation, I look to novelist Jodi Picoult, astrophysicist Carl Sagan and, as cheesy at it sounds, my lovely mother.

This website is part-portfolio, part-ramblings and all-passion. I hope you enjoy what I write. Drop me a message anytime you like!

Cheerio, Ushashi x

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